About Us

Welcome to Kaspian – Loan Market Mortgage Agent, your reliable broker services in CBD and around Melbourne!

Whether you’re a First Home Buyer,  a Home Owner looking to refinance your current mortgage, or planning to buy an investment property or build your dream house, we are there to assist you.

 Who we are

We are licensed under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 and a member of The Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) and Credit and Investments Ombudsman Service (CIO).

We are operating in Melbourne, and have developed relationships with many of Australia’s leading Financial Institutions. In addition, based on our knowledge, and experience, we are able to identify the right opportunities to suit our client’s requirements, and approach lenders directly to secure loans.

What Can We Do?

We are able to assist you to navigate through confusion and paperwork that goes with the loan application process. Consequently, unlike our competitions, we prefer to offer a full range of services, without sacrificing on the quality of each feature.

We do this by retaining fresh knowledge while improving the skills that we already possess. As a result, we offer a superior level of understanding and expertise when assisting our clients.

To minimize your pressure during the process, we take care of all correspondence and tailor services to suit you. We manage the entire process